RSI Team Spotlight: Steve Hudson, Senior Project Manager


March 20, 2020

For this RSI Team Spotlight, we’re showcasing Steven Hudson, one of our senior project managers. Steve has decades of experience at all levels of commercial kitchen fabrication, and his dedication to customer service makes him a standout member of our team.

He is the project manager primarily responsible for managing RSI’s relationship with Uncle Julio’s, and we couldn’t more proud of the job he’s done in that role. You’ll see his enthusiasm for the industry and the pride he has in his work come through in the interview below.

“Customer service is everything. I learned that from the very beginning. In a lot of ways, we and our competitors are selling similar products at a similar price. What has to separate us is customer service.”


How Long Have You Been With RSI?

Going on five years now, although I’ve known some of my coworkers here for many years longer than that.

What Was Your Background Before RSI?

I’ve been working in commercial kitchen fabrication for almost 20 years at companies of all sizes. I started as a project manager for a man we referred to as the “Godfather of Stainless” in our region. He threw me in the deep end right away. I learned quite a bit and enjoyed it.

What’s Kept You In The Industry For So Long?

I never get tired of starting from nothing and watching a project’s lifecycle. From ideas to drawings to a fully-functioning kitchen. The journey from paper to real-life never gets old.

What Is The Day-To-Day Of A Senior Project Manager?

I oversee all aspects of design & construction for my national chain account, Uncle Julio’s. That includes designs, floorplans, shop drawings, and making sure the product that’s being sold is built properly. Then I help arrange installation and ensure everything gets up and running.

How Important Is Customer Service When Serving An Account Of This Size?

Customer service is everything. I learned that from the very beginning. In a lot of ways, we and our competitors are selling similar products at a similar price. What has to separate us is customer service. So that’s where I place a great deal of emphasis. It’s something RSI believes in as a company.

What Sets RSI Apart From Other Companies In The Industry?

I’d say the quality of our product and our customer service. Our custom fab capabilities are second to none. We also have a unique family atmosphere, without sacrificing professionalism. I’ve worked for some of the largest and smallest fab companies around, so I know what’s out there. RSI is just on a level all its own.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working At RSI?

That family-like culture and the freedom that comes with it. No one here dreads coming to work in the morning. I also love that in addition to my national chain account, I also get to work on unique one-off projects. That variety keeps me sharp and engaged. At the end of the day, each workday gives me a new opportunity to be successful.

What Projects Are You Most Proud Of?

Uncle Julio’s. I’ve got a great deal of pride in that account. I think the kitchens we create for them are beautiful, and they produce delicious food as well, which is always nice. I don’t mean that in a funny way, I mean it’s a powerful thing to see a client be successful with the products we create.

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside Of Work?

Oh, I’m a huge gearhead. Love hotrods, building racecars and working on kit cars. I used to sell motorcycles and personal watercraft, so if it’s fun to drive I’ve probably got some experience with it.

We’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Steve for sitting down with us for this spotlight interview. Team members like Steve, with his industry experience and tireless passion for customer service, truly make RSI what it is today. We’ll be back soon with our next RSI Team Member Spotlight.