Contract Manufacturing

Vertically-Integrated. Completely Custom.

For decades, RSI has been a go-to partner for fabrication businesses who require a more custom skillset or our robust facilities. We act as a one-stop-shop, bringing ideas to life from 3D renderings through in-house fabrication. No matter what problems we’re solving, we always deliver a finished, built-to-spec project on time and within budget.

Custom Fabrication

Our vertically integrated team of designers, project managers, craftsmen, and quality control specialists make each customer’s dream a reality. Under one roof, your project goes through design, machining, welding, and make-ready. That internal alignment ensures a superior final product. From there, we stage and then ship your equipment directly to you from our shop. 

Collaborative Design Process

No matter what partner we’re working with, we strive to make the design process as collaborative as possible. Through our project managers and design team, we make sure that we deliver precisely what you’re asking for, not what we think you need. By leveraging your design input and our tenured insight, we create the greatest possible solutions to solve your most complex problems.

Non-Competes & NDAs

We understand just how important security is to our contract manufacturing clients. Whether you’re outsourcing a confidential aspect of a project or creating a proprietary new solution, we are always willing to sign non-compete documents and non-disclosure agreements.

Case Studies

We’re proud to share how we’ve served some of America’s most prominent brands.

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