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Our ability to create innovative solutions to impossible problems is most on display when we bring new products to market. Whether solving the painpoint of a customer or addressing a need we’ve identified in the industry, we take pride in helping to define the commercial kitchen of the future.

Collaborative Product Development

Developing new & innovative products can begin with the RSI team recognizing an opportunity, a client bringing up a need, or some combination of the two. TenderPOUR™ was developed to fill a gap in the event bartending marketplace. LASER®, on the other hand, was developed for IHOP and has become a default piece of equipment at every single new store.

In either case, we start with a rigorous & detailed design process. This includes two-dimensional product sketches as well as three-dimensional CAD renderings. From there, our completely in-house team of fabricators make the design a reality. Once our team approves a prototype, we transition to testing.

Onsite Environmental Testing

Not every product is designed to accomplish a new task. Many, like LASER®, are created to accomplish a task in more extreme conditions. To ensure our products are resilient at & above those extreme conditions, we utilize our state-of-the-art in-house environmental testing facility.

A true one-of-a-kind asset in our region, RSI’s environmental testing capabilities are trusted not only by our team and our clients, but by competitors and industry partners.

Custom Configuration

Our approach to every project is custom, and that extends to product development. There is no one-size-fits-all product in commercial kitchen & bar fabrication, so we are fully capable of customizing any of our proprietary solutions to meet your unique needs.

From a TenderPOUR™ designed to meet certain levels of output to a LASER® system designed to accommodate virtually any type of food, we are your custom partner. 

Case Studies

We’re proud to share how we’ve served some of America’s most prominent brands.

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