TenderPOUR™ Systems

Innovation on tap.

RSI’s TenderPOUR™ system spotlights our commitment to problem-solving and innovation – and positions us a vital partner in the beverage industry.

It all starts at the intersection of large venues and specialty drinks. Consumers frequenting concert arenas, sports stadiums and more demonstrated a demand for the kind of high-quality craft cocktails they could get at smaller restaurants and bars. The problem? Those drinks are usually time intensive and subject to a specific bartender’s speed and consistency.

Until now. Seeing an opportunity to fill an unmet need, RSI responded to our beverage industry customers with the TenderPOUR™ system: the first fully self-contained refrigerated mobile cocktails-on-tap system. It debuted at Super Bowl 50, with amazing results: 1,800 craft margaritas and Moscow mules on tap were served in four hours on just four taps and were received enthusiastically by guests.

The TenderPOUR™ line now encompasses:

  • Mobile and remote cocktails on tap systems
  • Cold-pressed HPP juice
  • Nitro coffee and tea
  • Wine on tap
  • Carbonated water with infused natural flavoring

Our Customers

We provide TenderPOUR™ solutions for some of the largest food and beverage operators in the world.