LASER® System


RSI’s LASER® was introduced to raise the bar for both safety and efficiency when it comes to food temperature regulation. While temperature control is a cornerstone of food safety in commercial kitchens, many existing solutions simply can’t stand up to the demands of the most hostile kitchen environments.

Enter LASER®, which stands for Liquid And Solid Egg Refrigerator. LASER® was developed by RSI specifically for IHOP’s kitchens across the country. Whether the eggs are in a solid or liquid state, LASER® ensures that their temperature is both consistent and safe, no matter how hot the kitchen itself becomes. More than that, the construction of LASER® allows IHOP’s staff to keep more fresh eggs on hand at a given time, reducing trips to the refrigerator and increasing efficiency. 

For these reasons, LASER® systems are used in every single IHOP across the United States and are a foundational piece in their effort to reduce the size of their kitchens while increasing efficiency and throughput.

The real beauty of LASER® is its versatility. While originally developed for eggs, we can design LASER® systems that accommodate:

  • Meat
  • Fish 
  • Poultry

And virtually any other food type that requires precise temperature control to reduce the instances of foodborne illness.

Protecting Customers -and a Longstanding Brand

LASER® was developed to solve a specific problem for IHOP and has become a relied-upon piece of equipment in every one of their kitchens. Learn more about how we served IHOP in our case study.

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