RSI Team Spotlight: Shane Bradberry, Director of Manufacturing


January 20, 2020

To kick off this new year and a new decade, we will begin interviewing a member of the RSI team each & every quarter, diving into their history with the company, their interests outside of work, and their opinion of company culture. We couldn’t be prouder of the team we’ve assembled at RSI and the culture they’ve allowed us to cultivate.

In our first team spotlight, we sat down with Shane Bradberry, our Director of Manufacturing, to get the insights of a long-time member of the RSI team who has never tired of the challenges we face every day.

How Long Have You Been With RSI?

It’s been 20 years, coming up on 21 soon. I just saw a job opening, applied, and I’ve been here ever since. I was hired at 26 and I’m still here today at 46, I don’t see myself leaving any time soon.

What’s Kept You Here So Long?

The people and the process. Many of the guys here have been here as long as me, and we’ve grown up together. Coworkers became friends and then family. But I also love what we do, and that no one else can do it. I never get tired of watching flat metal become sophisticated, functioning equipment that brings joy to people.

What Is The Day-To-Day Of The Director Of Manufacturing?

I’m balancing a dozen different things. I’m answering phones, reviewing blueprints, ordering materials, monitoring jobsites, communicating with vendors, and more. Really, anything I can do to get a project across the finish line.

Speaking Of Vendor Communication, What Sets RSI’s Communication Apart?

We have an open-door policy from top to bottom. That means if a partner, a vendor, or a client wants to get ahold of us, they’ll get ahold of us right away. And they’ll be talking to folks who can actually help them.

What Sets RSI Apart From Other Companies In The Industry?

It really is that open communication we were just talking about. On top of that, we just build a better product. Our stuff is more functional and better looking. We also do a better job of letting customers participate in the process. They get to collaborate with us, explain their needs, and sign off on design. We can build anything, so we make sure we give them exactly what they need.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working At RSI?

I love watching flat metal become equipment. I love seeing that at the end of the day, we’ve built something together. On top of that, we just have a great group of guys who, like me, have grown up with the company. We teach each other every day. We’re a family.

What Projects Are You Most Proud Of?

I never get tired of talking about our work with the Milwaukee Brewers, the Notre Dame stadium, and Dickies Arena. On top of being bigger, more visible work, it was all non-standard. Everything was custom and I am proud of what our team was able to build to serve each of those customers. After 20 years on the job, those projects challenged me, and I really enjoyed that.

How Would You Describe RSI Company Culture?

One word. Family. And just like a family, we argue, we teach each other, we work through problems, and we have fun. No one ever goes home mad, no matter how hard the day was. We’ve got each other’s back and we always work to help one another solve problems. Like I said, my coworkers became my friends, then they became my family.

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside Of Work?

I love riding my Harleys around the Metroplex and I love to cook. And by cook, I mean smoking. Having been here for 20 years, I eventually used our team’s talent to help me build a smoker with all the bells & whistles, and I never get tired of using it. I also have two daughters, one in college and one in high school, that I love spending time with.

We’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Shane for sitting down with us and being our guinea pig in this new effort. It’s team members like Shane who make RSI’s culture what it is and it’s leadership like his that empowers us to grow and execute amazing projects. We’ll be back soon with our next RSI Team Member Spotlight.