Case Study: Tea Tap System


September 9, 2019

Beverage Dispensing

The Challenge – Elevating the Guest Experience

After being selected as the sole equipment designer and fabricator for Salata in 2018, RSI was tasked with evaluating everything Salata was doing as it related to their food & beverage equipment.

Recently recognized as one of the fastest growing health food franchises in America, Salata is known for their high-quality ingredients, salads, wraps, soups, and craft teas & lemonades. Traditionally, their beverages had been served at ambient temperatures. You could add ice, but as the drink cooled, the quickly-melting ice would diminish the flavor profiles of their unique beverages.

The Solution – As they were intended

After discussing the challenge as a team with Salata, RSI went to the drawing board to develop a dispensing system to deliver their hand-crafted teas and lemonades as they were intended.

RSI tackled this R&D project in short order and developed a system that now dispenses Salata’s craft beverages at a refreshing 34-degrees. No more need for ice and no dilution of flavor. Coupled with a new, modern stainless steel through-wall tea tap design, these systems are now standard operating procedure for all new store openings and will be retrofitted into all existing stores over the next two years.