Case Study: CIA – Savor


July 14, 2019

Commercial Kitchens & Bars

The Pinnacle of Prestige

Since 1946, the Culinary Institute of America has been sculpting the minds of the world’s greatest culinary artists. At the CIA, each chef is given every opportunity to succeed, with the best mentors, lessons, and equipment available. Savor, along with other student-run restaurants like it, was created to give the chefs a place to showcase their talent on a real stage, and to provide the public a peek into the culinary craftsmanship that walks the walls of the CIA campus in San Antonio, Texas.

A dynamic classroom, to say the least

Revered as the acme of education for the culinary sciences, the CIA’s standard for excellence was no surprise. Savor would be flawless. It required the versatility of a classroom with the sophisticated capabilities of any world-class kitchen the chefs should prepare to see in their future careers.

RSI set to meet these standards. The layout and custom kitchen equipment were both designed and fabricated by RSI to perfectly suit the needs of any dish they could offer. Each piece of equipment was carefully designed with a specific purpose in mind, as RSI understood the importance of this dynamic kitchen environment. With four courses and an offering of cocktails and draft beer, Savor is fully equipped to live up to its name.