TenderPOUR is the Toast of Bacardi’s Portfolio Party.

TenderPOUR is the Toast of Bacardi’s Portfolio Party.

The TenderPOUR Mobile Cocktails On Tap system recently provided a unique twist on the traditional lemonade stand at the Bacardi Portfolio Party during Tales of the Cocktail 2015. Guests enjoyed their choice of four hand-crafted cocktails, served at the speed of draft beers, in the outdoor courtyard of The Sugar Mill on a humid New Orleans night.

Bartenders handled the surges of partiers with ease, at times serving two drinks at once, all with full confidence that each pour would be as consistent as their last. Bacardi Portfolio Mixologist for National Accounts, Brian Loukmas, raved that he was able to batch four unique cocktails hours prior to the event and only needed to instruct his bartenders on tap allocations and garnish treatments.

Bacardi also marveled at the fact that the refrigerated, self-contained support unit allowed for ice serving and storage and as well as the storage of additional kegs of batched cocktails at dual temperatures. The TenderPOUR® proved to truly be a “set it and forget it” solution. After serving more than 600 drinks in a span of three hours, the unit and its bartenders were still ready for more guests, more good times and more pours.

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